Things that disturb sleep, or,… just ramblings

Here’s one for ya;

I’m heading through Colorado / Kansas.
The freeway is just going forever across the prairie.
There is nothing but recently planted wheat/barley in every direction, not a tree to any horizon, nor house. Just some huge grain silos, but appearing tiny, so far away.
Alongside the freeway is a “county road”, dirt, parallel to the freeway which goes to the horizon ahead, and behind me.
Except that it is green, it is desolate.
On the dirt road, walking, are two guys, with raggedy back packs and grab bags.
At 70mph, I’ve come and gone before it gets thought through.
I have found this to be oddly disturbing.
Where did they come from?
Where are they going?
How did they get there?
There’s no car on the dirt road, no helicopter or camera drone, so it isn’t an advert being filmed.
What would drive you to carry your possessions 20, 30,50 or more kms along a dirt road in the full sun?

Maybe they are hiking.
I’d think they’d find a more interesting hike, but,…… what do I know. Its 5 days ago, but it sits in my mind.


A day or two earlier, I passed a train. Wagons at the back are double size of the ones at the front. The amount of ft/lbs torque for getting this rolling is _________
There were more loco’s at the back, which is some way around the bend.


2 thoughts on “Things that disturb sleep, or,… just ramblings

  1. Good on you Tony

    Don’t work that brain of yours to hard

    I think they must have farted in the car they were hitch hiking in and got thrown out


  2. Hahaha. Mate, that works (sorta).
    Enough that I’ll be able to sleep again.
    Indy this weekend. Can’t wait to get out on track again.
    Keep your eye open for news.


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