Musings (of the maniac)

After driving past the Deeth Starr Valley (as alluded to in yesterdays post),  my  highly amused mind went wandering, imagining Mr Scott (Scottie in Startrek), Mel Gibson (as Braveheart), Billy Connelly or Sean Connery (as James Bond, “007 to my frrriendsss”) cast with a part in Star Wars, but playing typecast as their previous famous roles.

Well, maybe you needed to be there!

You know you’re out of Auckland when:
you set the gps for Salt Lake City and the first instruction is “after 832 kilometers, take the exit”. Just for fun, I googled the instruction list for the whole trip, to see how many instructions there were.
Only two lines; exit after 832 kms.
Then;  “at 800 metres, your destination is on the left”

– Driving through Wyoming, listening to the radio and on comes; The Exponents!
– Utah Mountain radio announces the breakfast show, at 12:30pm
– A full size Norman castle, built on grassland fronting a small artificial lake (large pond?), in the Kansas plains. (And painted yellow!)



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