Well,…… I meant to get on this this a while ago, but,……

I guess motor racing got in the way……..

Jeez, where do we start; quick recap?

Fly, drive, strip car, drive, go racing at Monaco (still can hardly believe that), then drive, race, break, fix, drive, race, drink wine, beer, honey moon my beautiful and much appreciated wife, race some more, and finish off a wonderful year with a fabulous and “memorable for life”  run at Goodwood  and a wild fang in the wet at Spa Francorchamp.


Then bundled up the wee beast to come back to New Zealand for the 5th leg of the 60th Jubilee Tour

6 weekends, 6 race meetings, the length of the country to traverse.

No worries!.

A fabulous contingent of good buggers came from the UK, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy, USA, Canada and of course, our good mates from Australia.


For myself, it was a brilliant tour.

The Wee Warrior was a bit upset with me from time to time, with lots of tiny items breaking or failing just at the critical moment, but without those, where would there be a story to tell? Disasters read so much more exciting than,…. “got a good start and was never headed to win by 200metres”.

Quite the contrary, Jac Nellerman and I had great battles for race after race, joined by Mike Sexton who was a formidable challenge  before the unfortunate problems that befell the Gemini in the south island.


Long and short, another experience to live for and one I will treasure, and which meant we had to do more.

Yes fans,……. it’s a disease, an addiction (but legal, hee hee).

Onward ho, leg 6. The USA and Canada.

(next episode coming soon)