America: The Emeryson emigration!

The US Tour  (click for a map)

The trouble with looking at maps of the USA is, you need perspective!

Generally, we make assumptions about the distances from place to place based on where we live. In  Utah, there are big gaps between towns.

The Salt lake that  hosts the Bonneville speed event. Its 45 miles in a bullet straight line across the salt (75kms!). Then there is another 13 miles across the flats to the side of the valley. Its bloody MILES and miles on either side to anywhere else. It looked like Salt Lake City was about 10 miles away. Try 114 (175kms)!The 10hrs driving between Reno  Nevada and Salt Lake City Utah doesn’t go through too many big towns.

Winnamucca NV was one , but probably about the size of Taihape or Temuka.

Then there is Wyoming. A MOST beautiful state, but quite a drive to Laramie (remember the 60s series on TV?). Left my Stetson at home but found a cowboy bar anyhow (as you do). You start to get a bit breathless when doing anything resembling work but hadn’t realized that we are about 6000ft above sea level since Reno. The highest pass through the Rockies was 8600ft and lotsa snow still on the ground.


Anyhow, enough of the boring rubbish.

What about this place?


Who d’you reckon lives up there?

(yes, its the opportunity for witty repartee in the comments).

Off I go. More soon.

Cheers and ciao


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