Zandvoort (yes finally)

20150824_112455One for you Ronnie.
Apparently this is where you get off

20150823_191828Yep, that is Schlob Street.

Team Information Historic Grand Prix 2015 V2

But on to the good stuff.
Am in my hotel at Heathrow and gotta be outa here in an  hour.

This is what they call the bonus issue. No frills, no frippery but all action.
So,… it is fast n dirty today.
A shame because the Zandvoort experience is one of the big highlights of this trip.

Fast, flowing, quite difficult to get right, exciting, (did I mention fast?)  and the people and crowds are among the very best on the trip. Terrific place. If you can only ever get here to watch, “Give it a crack!”

Videos tell more that my blurb and I gotta run and jump, so, …. turn up the volume and settle in for 10 minutes.

The start; The 995 cc advantage
I did say advantage?????  Really?

Mid race.
Settled down, chasing the Lotus 18s. A hot lap of Zandvoort, starting just after entering the main straight
Luc and Colin in the 18s

Final 2 laps.
There is more to the story for the intervening 10 laps, but that is for another day.
Enjoy this.
Hot HOT laps

Last but not least;

The most wonderful Emery extended family that came to visit and watch the car at Brands Hatch.

To all of you, my thanks and my hope that one day you can re-unite the car with an Emery driver.
It would be fitting that one of the you fine four youngsters have a crack at this.
Stay in touch. I’m always around at


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