Cars in sheds

Well, hardly call it a shed, and,… more than just “cars”

20150813_144103As I was leaving Prague, I touched base with Burkhard List about visiting to see the sister car to the Emeryson Experimental ELFIN Mk1, the Ford 105E powered Mk2.
And off to Bad Erlach in Austria was I, off like a long yellow streak.

Burkhard and his father Rheinhardt (photo above) gave me a tour of the many cars they have in the garages at the headquarters of the List company.
There, they design and build custom fitouts for top tier boats (well yachts actually), planes, or boardrooms.
A couple of truly top guys.
If you read this guys, thanks SO much again for the hospitality and generous tour of the garages.
And Yep,…. that is a 3 litre 6 cylinder Alfa that does get a bit of road use.

(click or double click photos to get the full size version, then use the ‘back’ button or arrow to return to the blog)

They gave me a tour which I wasn’t expecting and quite frankly, simply overwhelmed me.
I was expecting to look at the Elfin Mk2, which I did, but,………… the 30 or more other cars we looked at rolled me over.
So many cars and in such delicious states of originality, reconstruction or patina’d all the way from the 30’s, 40’s or 50’s, each with its turn waiting for attention scheduled ‘all in good time’.
And it’ll be done maintaining as much of the original as it is possible to do.
Alloy bodywork showing the bings and bashes of 50 or 60 years in battle? Check!
Original chassis rails, springs/shocks and wheels. Check!
Fabulous and so much in the spirit of how we enjoy it in NZ. “As it was, so it shall be”

Where would we like to start,… the Amilcar(s), Fraser Nash(s), the supercharged Alfa, Alta engined GP car(s), Osca sports, Emeryson GP car or the Emeryson Sportster?
Didn’t even photograph the numerous F3 500’s and assorted heavily stripped cars.

How about 20150813_143447the Alta straight 8 (?), or, 20150813_152012 the Bugatti 51 straight 8.
Or the Amilcar, 1500cc 4 cyl supercharged 20150813_152602

Rheinhardt is such an enthusiast, he just can’t stop himself saving more cars and I doff my cap most respectfully to this wonderful fellow and his son Burkhard (now running the List ship), who only occasionally gets to exercise some of these wonderful beasts on the track.
I really should offer to help out there, make myself a bit more available.
With this Emeryson GP? 20150813_144921 Or, the wee tease on the right.
What could that be?20150813_145044
First correct answer wins a chocolate fish.
20150813_145333 Mmmmmmmm.
It was all quite intoxicating, especially after a hustling 4 1/2 hr drive in the non A/C equipped Transit from Prague in 35′ heat. I can’t believe that I didn’t get photos of some of the grand cars, but there you go,….

Properly motorised, but not a motorcar.
Whaddya reckon about this?? 20150813_154247
Completely designed and built in house as a marketing and promotional exercise.
Carbon fibre mated to mahogany.
About 30 – 33 ft, two primary seats and a pop up dickie seat.

This is so ultimate cool. It is like the Samurai sword of speedboats.
A breathtaking design and executed so perfectly.
Retro Riva riviera speedster out of the 50’s, wrapped in 2015 high tech.

Styled and shaped so delicately with such a pure and high quality finish, it belongs in a gallery.
Except it also belongs in Burkhards garage for him to take his wife and kids out for the most stunning and show stopping Cote d’Azur outing.
Probably doesn’t hurt that Rheinhardt mentioned it is VERY loud with “some ridiculously large American V8 under the forward decking somewhere”. Oh YESSSS!

Righto boys, I’ve just got myself too excited again reliving the visit, so need to hit a cold shower.

But take this one with you.  20150813_152523
For when you want to appear (or disappear) with the ultimate in style and noise, how can you top a Delahaye?.
Isadora Duncan anyone?

Cheers n ciao for now


2 thoughts on “Cars in sheds

  1. OK, here’s my entry in the Chocolate Fish competition … the engine appears to be a three cylinder, which immediately suggests DKW. In support of this, the wheels look right to have come off a DKW F91, which was manufactured in the right period (1950’s) for an FJ “special”. If that’s correct, the configuration of the carburettors and exhausts suggests that the engine’s mounted with the drive going to the front wheels. So, who could possibly have built (another) front wheel drive FJ? Let me think … Peter Emery perhaps? Which might explain what Olly was doing in the wilds of Bad Erlach in the first place! So, my SWAG (Scientific Wild-Ass Guess) is that the car is the long lost Elfin DKW FJ … cheers, Colin


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