Comin Down Again

Ferrari Transporter   Merc Transporter
Uber Cool Transporters. Who sees the Ferrari, who sees the Transporter. Hahahaha. Same with the Merc

The adrenalin and the buzz of a race meeting ‘keeps on keeping on’ through the weekend.
There’s only the now and get on with it.
The past 5 weeks/weekends have been a blur and it has been a huge buzz to have done it.
MInd you, I also take my hat of to Iain Rowley and others like him who prep many cars, get several loaded into a truck and do the long drives and ferry crossings week after week AND make the return to England to make the repairs and collect an alternate car for customers.
There is an addictive element to it. You want it to kick in again. The urgency to prepare and get there (a one, two or three day drive?). The anxiety to learn a track you’ve never been to. Coming down is harder for the longer you’re ‘up’.
Its not easy being normal     };>))

Getting on the road again, I headed to Prague. no particular reason except that the beer is supposed to be good and I’d never been there before.
Or HAD I?  
Prague Old Square
The special clock in the Old Town Square looked rather familiar.

I suppose it was a part of the beer fueled blur of that Contiki Tour in 1980.
49 days of bus, booze and ABC (another bloody cathedral) which with 35 years of hindsight again raises the question of whether travel is wasted on the young.
Prague DOES have lovely beer and most reasonably priced too after France and the UK.
500ml of beer at NZ$3.50 is most attractive, especially served cool but not frozen at midday temperatures of 35’C.

But not for everybody!
Some need to suffer a little,… Hot_no shade_no beer here
Jeez. the look on that poor buggers face.
Uphill in the sun over St Stephens Bridge. Probably has been walking since 9am in Wencelas Square. Nobody with a cool cloth for his face or hot and dusty feet.
But wait!!!,…. hang_on_a_m.i.n.u.t.e.
Wasted Space There’s a real job going begging for this ‘waste of space’ who was also on the bridge.
Excuse the pun but I just couldn’t resist it.
Give the lazy beggar a squeege bottle of cool water and a few towels and he’d make a fortune!

Off to the side, the Kafka Museum.
Kafka Museum_Pacifist Duelling Pacifist duelling?
More likely just the old East West struggle put into perspective.


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