Nurburgring. Woo Yaaa.

If just the name of this place doesn’t give you a shiver, you probably haven’t got the history of ‘the ring’. In truth, we are racing the GP circuit, not the Nordschleif (??) but all the same, it is a helluva track.
Fast, flowing and with lovely up and down sections, it is a ball.
It seems to be that you get through the corners fast and ok, so try it faster.
And faster, until I guess it throws you over a fence.

20150807_121539A sample of the regular miscreants, especially Chris and Val Merrick, Iain Rowley, Michael Ashley Brown and Michael … (of the Lairy Fairy Escort fame), with Dietrich Merkel.

I have to make apologies here, because I made reference to the Lola (green and number 2) in the videos as being an Elva.
Aaaargghh. I know what to do. Give me the pistol. I’ll go outside now.

20150807_121252Lovely Faccioli.

And for Alfa fans (who have been a bit neglected, a caravan of cars!
20150806_104823 and a more unusual and particularly gorgeous one 20150806_190622 For sale at a price I didn’t want to ask but has a motor from a Tipo 33/3 apparently, although I thought that those were 4 valve and twin spark 20150806_190431

More time to tease before we get to race vids?
How about,…. 20150807_121301 the Rayberg. Floris-Jan’s beautifully rebuilt car which I chase a fair bit in the vids, with Chris Merrick’s “as sweet as sweet can be” Cooper T59 in background.
20150807_121309Alex Morton’s Ausper T3
20150807_123504Bruno Ferrari’s Branca with Danielo Saladini’s Taraschi behind.
Is this getting like old man’s porn?

Ok, race vids.
I split these into 3 sectors to get the size down to where I don’t need to be up till 2am downloading them. OK, so it took until 2:15am even in the smaller sizes.
Laps 1 and 2. Nurburgring Lurani 2015 R1 Lap 1 & 2

Laps 3,4,5.  Nurburgring Lurani 2015 R1 Lap 3,4,5

Laps 6,7,8. Nurburgring Lurani 2015 R1 Lap 6,7,8

Enjoy. All comments, Oooohs, Aaaaaahhhs, and Woooooaaahh’s appreciated.
For all the front engined boys at home, your cars are all competitive here. One way or another, there will be people to race with. I was racing this one with the ignition timing way off (like 20 degrees instead of 37 degrees advance).

In race 2, car much snappier with the timing right, but then lost a plug lead off the distributor cap just as I was about to have a crack at Danielo in the Taraschi so pulled in. We’d done three laps behind a safety car so the video is a bit dull. Hope you enjoy these even just 1/10th as much as I enjoyed making them.


5 thoughts on “Nurburgring. Woo Yaaa.

  1. Jeeze Tony. I had my heart in my mouth the whole race. Adrenalin pumping, It felt like I was driving it again. Great race. The Cooper Rayburgs backside was certainly twitching trying to keep you off.
    Next race footage I’ll have to have a nervous one before watching. 🙂
    Ooooh, Aaaaaahhh, and Woooooaaahh


  2. Great dices Tony – you were really carrying the speed through the corners. The Taraschi had a bit of stick – about to put mine on the dyno as Allan has almost finished putting it together.


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