Copenhagen Historic GP. (The race bit)

So good people, you have waited patiently.
The Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.
I think it is worth waiting for.

Thanks again to Jac and his team for putting on such a wonderful show and to all the fine folk of Denmark who came out to support it.
They were a wonderful crowd and some with extraordinary knowledge of cars and the drivers of the day.

Arie Riis was on hand to help with camping allocation but regaled me with stories of his racing all manner of cars back in the day; in Denmark, the UK and around Europe.
He immediately suggested some mods I should make to the SU carb mountings on the Elfin.
20150731_204908 Jac Nellermann on the left, hosting us at the Roof Farm restaurant, Stedsans Pa Oestergro, with the FJ immigrants.
Also there, from the left, Elva 100 couple (sorry, mind a blank), our irrepressible Duncan Rabagliati, Graham and Mrs Barron, Dave Innes and lastly Karen and Richard Bishop-Miller (the same Karen who so generously provided life saving cups of tea in the morning after the night before).

I got adopted by a couple of families who became my local fan club, one each on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, they will send me some of the photos they took of the kids and the car, that I can share them here. There are a few Danish kids with NZ flags fixed to the back of their shirts who are now ‘good keen Kiwi kids’. With any luck, I’ll find a way to send them a Weetbix and a Marmite sandwich each.

I was laughing my head off at one point, as coming on to the bottom straight, before the cobblestoned chicane (bus stop?), there were 4 of the kids there on the left, leaping up and down (and apparently screaming) for me. Most touching and a helluva lot of fun meeting the family who got such a buzz out of it.
You Good Things!!

OK, the track, the race.

The track is very bumpy in places and in others it is just quite bumpy, but that’s the go on a street circuit. The concrete is big and close but not many touched it up thankfully.
Along the way, it feels like you are getting a Peter Plumley Walker, especially when your rear springs are at 300lb/inch. Pity I didn’t have the camera pointing rear as Richard Bishop-Miller was having a cracking duel with the Elva 100. His weight and lack of power being offset by great driving skill to hold the Elva off right to the end.
For me, I got swamped at the start but came back at the Elva and the 3rd of the Swedish brigade (I really MUST get the entry list out of the van and edit this). Getting a decent run into turn 1 and finding that my 2nd and 3rd gear really did suit this circuit allowed me to chase down those, but by then the battle up front was going red-hot. Tim Bishop in the DKW engined car was a bullet, starting from the back but closed down 2nd place in the end even with the residual problems of plug lead/connectors dropping a cylinder out and back in intermittently through the race.

Enjoy the bobbles and bangs of Ollie’s helmet on the two laps. There are a couple of crackers where the helmet pops up and back down very sharply given that I am strapped in  as tight as a Scotsman’s wallet.

Sorry that the lens got a bit dirty. Think I was following a car that threw out oil or water in the earlier session and didn’t see it on the camera lens. The starter lights are just about above the left front tyre of the blue lotus 20/22 in front of me.
OK, so enough of the blather, get into it,……
Copenhagen Historic. 2 Hot laps


3 thoughts on “Copenhagen Historic GP. (The race bit)

    1. Hi Dave.
      There wasn’t enough of the old nose left to repair. Had the guy use a mold for a Brabham extended and modified to fit.
      Plan on having the same guy fabricate a complete new body over the winter as the Wee Warrior is looking increasingly battle weary. Time to treat her to a new ballgown!


  1. Gee Tony that looks like a tight and unforgiving track. Couldn’t work out the start it seemed the red light was still on and they all took off? I haven’t heard mention of PPW for a while – brings back memories of the Huka Falls ……….


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