Cracked it! Off to Copenhagen

The Wee Warrior is complete. 7pm Tuesday.
You good thing!
By the time we are loaded and locked it is 8pm in Kimbolton and nothing for it but to head for Dover.
Ferry booking is for 07:30am. Operation “Stack” still has the M20 closed, trucks everywhere and delays inevitable.

I had Tony from Adelaide with me, who needed a drop off near Brands Hatch so it was good to have some company for a change, especially as he made cracking good bread rolls before we left and that made for lunch and dinner on the run.

Dropped him off and found a spot to parkup about midnight.  At 5am, up and hunting for an exchange Camping Gas bottle. Man,… you’d think they were an item on the homeland security list. No matter where I went, they had stopped doing the bottle swaps an hour beforehand. Finally at 5:15am I find a service station with some.
Brilliant. Just have to wait for the guy to finish taking petrol payments and selling breakfast for all the early starting road workers,……………………..  so finally at 5:45am we unlock the cage and all his bottles are empty.  Aaaaaaaarrrggghhhhh!

On to Dover (just 10 minutes away) and there is a queue of trucks and cars MILES long coming in from the M20 side. Fortunately I come down the A20 slip road and on to the roundabout, one point to the right of their entry, and drive straight in.
BONUS points for the big yellow eyesore!

Hit the boat an hour early, good trip over, on the road at Calais about 10am.
Staring down the tube of 931 kms to Puttgarden and the ferry from Germany to Denmark with a known peak speed of 111kph foot mashed to the firewall, and a cruising speed at half throttle of 110kph.
Boys and girls, its going to be a long day.
The iPod and music with less blues and more singalong, singalong, singalong to keep me going. 6 meals a day keeps the blues (and sleepy time) away, but a couple of 15 minute catnap stops help.

Travelling through Germany and got caught in a 2 1/2 hr traffic jam. I need this like a(nother) hole in the head.
I see this coming up.
Big n Brick 1Jeez, but she’s big. And brick.
And seems to have ‘half of bugger all’ in the windows department.

No,……. C’mon. Seriously???

,.. bricked up windows?  Big n Brick 2
Someone out there with more time on their hands than me, has got to be able to google this and tell me that this  is art, Bauhaus or something.
But please people, someone tell me it isn’t the headquarters of Deutsche Gaz.


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