Copenhagen (2)Historic Grand Prix

There are some fabulous cars here.

If it weren’t for all the grass (and men in shorts with women all tall, blonde and blue eyed) the number of wild supercars here would make you think you are in Dubai.

Sorry fans, but didn’t take a single picture of one of those, as they didn’t push my buttons, however, I do regret I didn’t get a picture of Graham Barron’s beautiful Aston Martin DB5 which he has built a tow bar for, hooked up to his equally lovely Gemini Mk2, which he pulled behind from the UK (and took it back on Monday too).

However, when you want a special photo, how about Harry Lund?
20150731_160504Auto Union 2 cylinder 2 stroke from 1936.
God knows what Formula it was, but what a cracking cool car! Wheelbase about the same as an average bath.

When he is driving (no disrespect intended Harry), he looks like nothing less that a vision from the flash Gordon serials of the 30’s (that I used to see at the movies in the late 50’s and early 60’s). Is it Flash Gordons Starfighter, or,………
Flash Gordon Starfighter  Flash Gordon Starfighter_2
Is it the “Death Ray” fighter of Ming the Merciless?
In the background, the DB5 and wait for it, the Chevrolet Classic a non wood clad Woodie.
A 7 seater from the 30s which Jac Nellermann used to take us to a very delightful dinner on Sunday.

Dinner. Glad we made the effort to go after a late race (6pm start) and then a hurried load and lock of tools, parts and cars.
Thanks also to Duncan Rabagliati for organising this and his unflagging enthusiasm for all things ancient, artistic, eclectic, quirky or plain interesting. A Brazillian Churrasco bbq, salad bar to die for, craft beer (birch or beech beer) that is worth coming back to Denmark for on its own, all enriched with a sunset over the lake that seemed to take an hour or so to complete with a thousand iterations of ‘red sky at night’.
Fabulous and the third of three cracking good nights out courtesy of our host Jac.

As an aside, also on the way through Germany, might be a migrant worker way to find accommodation wherever the work is, but I could drive this into the back of my van, and live in a van, that lives in a van. It was like a body built on one of those 3 cylinder mini ute farm vehicles.

OK, so enough of the tease. I know you all want a Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix race report so will get over to cutting a vid or two and post that for you in episode 3.
Hey, it was the Flash Gordon movie serials idea that got me going on this one.
Be patient people      };>))


2 thoughts on “Copenhagen (2)Historic Grand Prix

  1. Hi Tony

    Nice shiny new aluminium radiator. I’am sure you are onto it but a reminder to get the makers badge of the old one. I always liked that badge- Wednesday radiators from memory.

    I’ve seen the video of the start at Copenhagen but could not figure out the lights. Where were they and what were the flashing red lights on the left? By the look of the start no one else could work it out either.

    Keep the reports coming and the video’s. We should organise a FJ night and you can take us through the tracks of Europe from your car.

    Cheers Nigel


    1. Hi Nigel. There are definitely lights there. They are a bit further away O the left, all five of them. Probably not enough are on yet for you to realize that the spider went with maybe only two on. Half the field flew the coop.


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