Copenhagen (1)

Phew,…… it has been a tough week people.

Have been sweating it out like a Turkish wrestler in a steam bath getting the ‘Wee Warrior’ rebuilt for Copenhagen, but we cracked it.

The Copenhagen Historic GP is a great event. Setup is excellent with lots of places to park up the van, lush grass cut just right. After a stormy and wet trip on the last leg across from Germany to Denmark, beautiful clear and warm weather.20150730_161931
The rebuilt ‘Wee Warrior’ (with new but at the time unpainted) nose cone in the background. Painting the nosecone took the next 1.5hrs so that we’d get through scrutineering in the morning.

After relocating the van to the better area by the pits we’d been provided, parking up with David Innes, Alex from A.R.E.,  Richard and Karen Bishop-Miller with their son Ian, Dave thought they should lift the profile a bit;
20150731_094713  The “Claridges Copenhagen”?
I reckon the Bel Air Bellahøjvej

The event organiser, sponsor and host, Jac Nellemann, has treated us most generously here, particularly as an FJ group.
Friday night we went to a most unusual dinner, STEDSANS PÅ ØSTERGRO .
This is a ‘rooftop farm’, with restaurant attached that serves straight from the gardens and from local source suppliers of meat and other ingredients.20150731_223729


We also got the invitation to make the parade into the town hall to meet the Mayor of Copenhagen and the Prince of Denmark (who also drove in the event in a Lotus Cortina with the pre-65s, finishing 2nd I believe), and then have pancakes.
Unfortunately we weren’t travelling quite fast enough and Dave boiled up in the Lotus 27 and had to pull over. When he got going again, the whole parade had gone and he drove the bus lane in the general direction until he got to the square but couldn’t get across the intersection. As cocky as a musterer’s dog, he stuck it on the zebra crossing and went over with the pedestrians. Classic.20150731_125913This was after the 500 people moved on.
They came back when the Prince and his son re-emerged form the town hall. Quite a scene.


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