Silverstone Classic, Part 2

Another day and sorry to hear that there was a bit of carnage in the FJ Race 2 at Silverstone.
Filthy weather apparently.
My heart goes out to the guys that copped it blamelessly.

Not too much more to say to say about my time at Silverstone.
Too much bile would ruin the lovely dinner I had of NZ Lamb chops, buttery new potatoes and a plate full of greens and yellows. Just delicious it was.

The vids say it all really.
Qualifying. Give you a tour of the track.  A bit wet and more than a bit “where the hell does it go now?”

Then the race.

If you would like to leave a comment, feel free.

I’m off to do a bit more on the Wee Warrior before a late call for bedtime.


8 thoughts on “Silverstone Classic, Part 2

  1. That’s bad luck Tony – clearly not your fault and just the result of an idiot who hasn’t worked out that keeping your boot in when you run off into marbles (or off the track) is not a smart thing to do. Hope the damage is not too great and it is a quick and cheap repair. Keep the flag flying.


    1. Cheers Rog.
      Kinda comes form left field, but actually, the damage level is quite high.
      Front left is back a half inch and lots of cracked and broken brazed joints.
      Car is completely stripped to the bones.
      Have had a guy on it today (Sunday), whose name shall go 10 feet tall, in lights Bright and Bold, for he, is one of the Good Bastards.
      Glynn Odell of Odell Motorsports took the chassis away this morning around 9am and brought it back to me at 7:30pm. Mate, he even got the big Ollie Hug.
      I’m a man on a mission.
      Cheers man.


    2. Cheap is relative to where in the world you are, but we’ve hit over $2000 in cash so far.
      Quick? I guess that must be a yes, providing you bang out labour hrs heading toward 20 a day. Get 2 and a half for the price of one. Hahahaha.
      Just need to do that for another couple of days and we’re there.


    1. Hiya Colin.
      Mate, I am upgraded to a bona fide ‘rake’ now?

      Better than picking up a class trophy at Silversotne, as “Rake” is an award of mateship and reputation.
      I’ll treasure it and wear it with appropriate panache!


  2. Feel sorry for you Ollie. Nice Track, big field of cars, you need to mount a anti magnetic cushion on your car so the others bounce of before hitting you. Grant


    1. Hahahaha.
      Mate, The copper mass at the front was apparently energised and took the “honeycomb crush” first, which may actually have saved a LOT of extra chassis damage.
      Have a guy working on an aluminium one for me today, anothe rfellah modifying a Brabham nose cone which may be ready for a fitting (then cut and paste?) tomorrow. Next is to find and repair the fuel tank leak.
      Then I can start putting it back together.
      Miracles on the make, for a Copenhagen race next weekend (including a 2 day drive to get there)


  3. Rotten luck Tony, we actually photo’d that Envoy at Silverstone in the Spring when it was raced (so he had track knowledge more than you!), but we suspected that he hasn’t raced open wheel before. Good luck for Copenhagen – we’re at Zandvoort next weekend with the Lotus 7 and the Scimitar so we’ll all have fun on the Continent!


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