How steep?

Eau Rouge (after a day or two to cogitate).

Bob X was recollecting one of his times at Spa back in the day.
There used to be a pub on the outside corner of La Source. That is the hairpin at the end of the main start/finish straight, possibly the only genuinely ‘flat’ section of the entire course, that leads to the downhill leg to Eau Rouge / Raidillon.

Coming out of the pub (a couple of drinks past his best) with the lads, they jogged a bit down the straight toward Eau Rouge and found that the jogging turned into running, trying to keep up with your feet, until suddenly you are sprinting desperately trying to keep from face planting on the tarmac.

Neil Tolich’s comment offers a decent comparison;
“La Source to Eau Rouge is the same slope as coming off the Auckland Harbour Bridge”.
“Eau Rouge is like driving up College hill”. (I reckon it is a bit steeper that that, more like Mt Eden Rd heading up to Landscape Rd, or maybe the rise up Paritai Dr/Kepa Rd from Tamaki)

However, driving it is a bit like coming down off the Harbour Bridge toward Northcote flat out, hitting 175kms and taking the curve left, drop into a hole (halfway between the 4th and 5th white car) and then in the space of 50 metres, hit the full slope of College Hill/Mt Eden Rd while at the same time, turning hard right across three lanes, then yank it back across two or three lanes to make the LHS at the top and when all the weight goes out of the car,  you try to not lose it drifting off the RHS into a rushing wall on the right.

Hahahaha. Just writing about it is giving me  a rush and a sweat.
Carrying the speed here is so important as evident from the first vid I posted. A simple minor baulk here costs you easily 200 metres or more on the long uphill run to Le Combes/Malmedy.

Back in Kimbolton, I wish I’d read Marty Bollock’s Circuit Guide (but I didn’t know at Brands, that I’d be at Spa in a week). The “comment” from the guide;
“No map or words can do justice to this corner. Despite the new run-offs, Eau Rouge still represents a huge deep breath of a challenge to the driver. A spectator in the grandstand above the corner can witness one of the last truly memorable corners in the world. It is doubtful that there is a better corner to watch a Grand Prix car on the very limit”.

This would be the place to watch the Master Grand Prix grids race.
Not boasting, but I am so very, very chuffed to have committed to that corner in the Wee Warrior and held my nerve from the end of La Source to the top of Raidillon.

Just heard that Zolder event with the Dutch Monoposto group is cancelled.
Jeez. What will I do with 2 or 3 weeks and no racing? May have to strip and rebuild the car before Zandvoort!
Might treat myself to a biscuit with my afternoon cuppa.

Cheers and ciao.


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