Yes, it should be spoken sound like the commentators in Brazil announcing the big GOAL.

Television video makes this track almost flat. A gently up and down slope, driving experience.
The start finish straight is flat.
Turn through La Source on to the front straight and it is downhill like coming off the harbour bridge, all the way to Eau Rouge which is as steep as heading up college hill.
You CAN take it flat, but many don’t (which can really ruin your ability to carry the speed along Kemmel).
Nek minut,.  (Video)Spa. The start and run Eau Rouge/Radillon  …….Nuff said.
The downhill sections are steep and fast and wonderful. Just keep breathing.

Anyhow, a couple of guys had tangled at La Source (turn 1) and that needed a safety car, so after a pretty average rolling start, we had a pretty average safety car session and restart, from which Ollie went a long way backwards.
The restart, and then, a walk through the lap.

I got to follow and chase this FF1600 for 6 laps, yes, the same chap who chopped me up at Eau Rouge/Radillon.
When you go to a gunfight,  The last lap battle  …. don’t take a knife.

Not completely true of course, but it was such an anachronism.
Wheeling into the assembly area with all manner of monoposto cars up to Formula Atlantic and 2000cc F3 cars, driving a front engine Formula Junior was like taking the Flintstone car to the F1 grid. Looked as funny as hell.

Gotta run.
Catch up with my beautiful daughter for breakfast here in Aachen then; “Head for Blighty chaps, we’re taking the Wee Warrior home”. I have an appointment with Silverstone!


7 thoughts on “SSSSPAAAAAAAAAA!

  1. Ollie,
    Following your windmill tilting with a mixture of awe, envy and fright. You’re an inspiration maaaaaate. Having spent long enough in Aaaaaaachen to be considered a local I can suggest a couple of blokes nearby who can give you some time in a workshop if you have the need or time. They spend most of their time on historic F1s, 917s etc but are the type of guys who don’t raise an eyebrow at a front engined FJ keeping the sort of company you are.
    Keep it up Ollie.


    1. Hi Richard. Good to hear from you man.
      A spot in Aachen to do some work would be terrific.
      I’ll be going back there after Copenhagen for the OldTimer at Nurburgring and then may hang about if Zolder meeting gets re-instated, and before heading to Zandvoort.
      If you’d like to send me details to my usual email, it’d be fantastic.
      Cheers Richard and best of luck with the VRA season.


    1. Than ks David.
      Wasn’t an F1 car, but probably one of the 2000cc later model F3 cars.
      For all that, it does seem like I match or catch him through there but lets say he was more concerned about over-running the other car further ahead. It does show how any loss of momentum through here punishes you heavily for the next 30 seconds of dragging your butt up to Les Combes.


  2. Gee those videos were impressive – you are really wringing the neck of the “wee beastie” and driving it very well. The sections after the start are a real buzz – full throttle and heart in mouth stuff.


    1. Mate, it is all heart in the mouth but it feels good getting in sync with the Wee Warrior again.
      It has been such a turgid time with oil leaks to LH and RH rears, overheating divesting coolant on to the LR tyre, that confidence in committing the car to corners has been lacking, as it was so unpredictable what the hell would happen.
      The rain and then loading up rather sucked the ‘high’ out of the Spa event, but as ever, recollecting the dry racing and reviewing just how steep and fast it is brings the euphoria back.
      Cheers and thanks for the comments Roger.


    2. Roger, I can see you in the Lola giving it so much jandal and howling her up here.
      Apart from the track, the hotels and restaurants are close enough to walk to in Francorchamp or Stavelot, so bringing Mrs Hugo is definitely on the cards.


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