British, Bold & Beautiful Brands Hatch

(2 pics, 3 race vids and 2 extras, if you can find them all)
B,B,B,B,.. Such a very good track.
Such very sweet cars.
As iconic as it can get and I’d say, it’d be a far, FAR more interesting British GP if the F1 was held here.

More B’s to go with bold and beautiful?
Blind Brows.
Bollock Brains.

Ollie didn’t do himself too many favours here.
There is just one qualifying and one race for Formula Junior, both on the Sunday, so don’t screw it up.
Off we went to ‘qualify’. I’d have to say, just evaluating the track was more my objective, but,………
…. turn 7, the Dingle Dell, a blind right after a fast brow caught me completely unawares and I was halfway through and heading for 1 o’clock, when I saw where the bleeding road went (3 o’clock).
Ollie’s Folly: Qualifying (click for video Dropbox)

No excuses.
Man,…. being parked in the gravel at just a half lap in, 19 minutes of learning the track to go and all in the dunny.
(See para 2!).  Bugger! (yes, click for “Oops)

Fortunately, the steward/clerk of course, a bloody good bloke (thats now a few more B’s) gave me a break and let me do two laps at the lunch break to qualify for the race, drizzle giving it a lovely slickness, but pretty happy to be out there at all.

5:30pm and we have race time.
At the back of the grid (31st). Lights out while I’m waiting for 3 or 4 cars in front of me to sort their positions out and I’m about 75 metres from my grid position, but no worries eh!
One of those up front got a huge flame burst in the engine bay but takes off.
Bugger me, but I’m not too sure about trying to make a pass on him.
Burger King: “Flame Grilled”

After a lap and a half, the flames are only half filling his engine compartment on the right and I make a move on the left, wave at his car and him, and bugger off.
The guys I need to show me the lines are up ahead.
FJ Race 1. Lap 3/4 (click for video Dropbox).

The oil and damage (read carnage) that occurred in the prior race, classic sports cars had two oil spills down the front straight, Paddock bend and all the way to Druids. There is a bit of slip and slide through Paddock in the video, but it was LOTS more interesting in the first couple of laps.
The corner that tripped me up turned out to be a VERY good corner for me in the race.
FJ Race 1 Last laps (click for video. Make sure the volume is up).
Advice from Marty Bullock; “Trust that its there, turn in as you get to the brow and stay in it”
Good advice Marty and thanks. It got me past 4 cars on that section.

The Wee Warrior stared full into the face of a disaster weekend, but came home for me.

To Peter Emery (Jeanne, David, Susan, Michelle et al);
I hope that this brings back memories of your own fine and fast racing days at Brands Hatch. That I got to meet (and hopefully excite) the Emery family, sons, daughters, grandsons and grand-daughters  put a very special icing on the cake this day. One day you guys could be driving this wee wonder.
20150712_133955Many Emerys and me

Now, breaking news:
Minor change to the plan.

I got an invitation from the ever effervescent and congenial Iain Rowley of Delta Motorsport to try a stint with the Dutch Monoposto grid at the Youngtimer Spa Festival.
Jeez, don’t twist my arm too far up my back.
Only need to insert an unscheduled channel crossing and race weekend at Spa-Francochamp with the scheduled Silverstone Classic in two weeks, carry Yorkshire Gold tea, Tesco Custard Biscuit Spread and Vogels bread to beautiful daughter of mine in Germany and have a good time.
How hard can it be?

Life is like grabbing a tiger by the balls.
It can be easy (to start).
Its holding on to it once you have woken it up.

On to Tiger Taming. Stay tuned.
Ollie out (for a day or two).

For those who wonder what going to Belgium & Germany in my van will be like,……..
Kiwis visiting the countryside. Be rude to go empty handed.



2 thoughts on “British, Bold & Beautiful Brands Hatch

  1. Great last lap Olly. You’d worked it all out. I marshalled there in the early 60s. Brabham, McLaren, Hulme, Clark, Moss, Brooks, Gurney and Amon were all there. Regards,

    Colin Wilson-Brown

    From: “” Reply-To: Date: Wednesday, 15 July 2015 10:22 AM To: Colin Wilson-Brown Subject: [New post] British, Bold & Beautiful Brands Hatch tolissoff posted: “(2 pics, 3 race vids and 2 extras, if you can find them all) B,B,B,B,.. Such a very good track. Such very sweet cars. As iconic as it can get and I’d say, it’d be a far, FAR more interesting British GP if the F1 was held here. More B’s to go with bo”


    1. Thanks Colin.
      Man, every time I came up to that blind brow, I was sweating like a Turkish wrestler in a steam room.
      Hoping to hell that the shift down to third would be clean and give me a good drive through.
      Hope all is going well with you and your beastie in the VRA. Please give my best to all the boyss there. A terrific bunch. They would LOVE it here. Maybe 6 blokes should organise a world tour too. 40ft box, 3 up 3 down and go race with Alfas, Triumphs, Elans and all manner of sweet cars here.
      Cheers buddy.


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