Meanderings are a good thing.

Body, mind (one or the other or both) heading off at tangents, never quite sure where they’ll end up. Probably it is the onset of dementia or madness,
But that is a topic for another day.

Decided that I should step up a bit in the tech department. If I am spending a lot of time behind the wheel, albeit a Transit van, I should make the most of the opportunity. Drive the best lines, hit the apexes, fast exits on the esses and sweeping corners.
But tax dodgers,…… how to measure it. I pondered this a while.

A ‘G’ force monitor!
Now we’re talking Ollie. And even better, I could fashion one up with bits and bobs from the back of the van.
Now don’t go mocking the number 8 wire mentality boys (I think I’ve got 28 gauge holding the wing mirrors in place), but whaddya reckon?
The dash mounted ‘G’ force monitor!!
20150621_180918Isn’t she a beauty.
Hoping this will give me better day to day ‘feel’ for the van which then translates into the equivalent of being in a simulator like the F1 boys do between races.
Listen for the ‘slap’ against the A pillar as we turn right (if we are going hard enough).
See the cord (out of peripheral vision) strain as we approach 0.1G going left.

But when we get braking hard and straight, especially when the little old lady pulls out of the side street in front of me at 55mph.
The big fat slap of the bag hitting the screen. The pop as the stopper comes out (thats the red bit).
Then the ‘High G force’ early warning system activates.
2 or 3 litres of water pours out and monitoring the height of the spout is a bit critical (and difficult in the moment), but starts washing left and right across the dash like a big surf break at Bondi  beach as you make the swerve pass.
Thats when you know you have got toward the limits.

Of course, a lap full of warm water from the ‘G’ Force Meter, (aka Solar Heating Shower bag) also feels a lot like you’ve just peed yourself, so I suppose its a bit more like being an endurance driver who had too many hydrations before he got in for a two hour stint.

Its a work in progress. (The G force meter or the menaderings??)

Ollie out for now. Off to get some second level repairs on the chassis.


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