Cadwell Park

Boys, …………

What a track.
If you ever come here to race, THIS is the place.
Marty Bullock (provider of UK workshop space and everlasting wit) in his Lotus 27 (#127).

Get an idea of the rise and fall of this place. From the picture point, it is probably half the height between the start finish straight and the top of the hill at both left rear and way around to the right at the hairpin.
Running one of our Scuddie Suddies here would be magic.
What AM I talking about? Running ANY car here is magic.It was even magic riding it on the bleeding pushbike!
Cracking through the esses and down the gooseneck flat out and hoping I’d be able to make the turn at the bottom. Just perfect.
This track is both fast, and yet flowing. Huge rise and fall of terrain and corners with often a LOT of camber which allow the skilled, brave and courageous (note that these are both slightly differing qualities) to do magic with old timer tyres.
James Claridge (son in law to Geoff Richardson of Ford engines fame and runs the workshop there) was just a gnats whisker off the leader who is a long time ex professional racer. Magnificent racing, which only slightly lowered the disappointment levels in having a non event.

A bit of video of the Elfin on the fly.
Just getting to grips with the track, but mixed up with more modern F3 cars didn’t make it especially easy.
After the 2nd session, found one of the chassis brace bars was broken so had ot pull out of the meeting

Taking consolation in having done two decent test sessions at Cadwell and overcome the overheating and oil leaks. I have to come back and do this track (and Donington) again.
Have to strip the car completely this week and rebuild the chassis.
Have decided to swap motor and g/box as a move forward for the rest of the season and have another crack at the brakes which have been a bit suspect.
The season is getting hectic and very compressed now. In a week we have the Brands Hatch Super Prix  then another two weeks, it is the Silverstone Classic,
One week on and it is Copenhagen, another week and there is the opportunity to swap into a race at Nurburgring so have decided to stay in Europe and head to  Zandvoort two weekends later.
Its a hard life (they say). Me,… I feel like James Hunt in the 70’s (make of that what you will fellahs).

Cheers and ciao



One thought on “Cadwell Park

  1. Hi Tony, Enjoying your updates. Good decision to do Zandvoort – it is a fantastic meeting on the heels of Nurburgring. Go well buddy! Cheers, Kim shearn


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