Monza, Monza, Monza. Just sounds like speed and it surely is.
Funny, but I enjoyed it more in retrospect than in the moment.

A lap in the practice session. Not too hot and fired up yet, but the lines are there.
Then race 2.  Peter Emery, this is for you mate:  Elfin Mk1 at Monza. Two laps seen from your seat. 
Was battling with the Taraschi and Jan’s Stanguellini.
Got away from them at the start with better braking and corner speed, but then,………. misfiring and overheating bit me on the arse and the boys came through.
Well done Jan and Danielo.

20150619_142737There were a few nice Alfas there too.
Sorry lads, not a lot in the shape or form of Suddies or Sprints (except the 1600 and 1750 variety) but it was a gorgeous display of Scuderia del Portello. What about this beauty20150619_142817

Went for a wee ride around the circuit on Saturday night with some of the other guys camping there.
Monza circuit is in the middle of a huge, I mean HUGE park inside the city with a palace at one corner and several kms from the track. The old banking is still in place and in fact was resurfaced a few years ago  to preserve the history.
Click on the pic to open it up.
Check the little mark at bottom right or track.20150620_211106
Chris didn’t fancy trying to walk down from the top. 20150620_211057 See the yellow line.
Riding the bike anything above that causes the pedals to scrape the track, and that’s almost on the flat right?

Monza, TICK.
Great track. So iconic and a privilege to have raced there. Be bloody interesting to see what the Suddie would be like there. On to Cardwell.


2 thoughts on “Monza

  1. Gee that Monza track looks long and fast. Think a gearing change may be required as you would be sitting at full rpm for a while. Hope you are not suffering from the heat although with your G force meter I think maybe heat affliction may have set in??


    1. Hiya Roger.
      Yes, Monza sure is fast, but without the overheating issue, would probably have been fine.
      Once you hit max horsepower, not much more can happen.
      Possibly, if I had the previous 0.93:1 top gear, it may be possible to go a bit faster, but not hugely likely.
      86bhp can only do so much against air resistance but Silverstone in a couple of weeks will be interesting.

      G Force meter may yet prove to be a commercial success for boy racers who buy online, despite a couple of teething problems.
      Calibration of the pop off valve at “avoid the accident” level doesn’t help the braking but does put the other driver on the back foot when they think that you have peed your pants in the effort to miss them.
      Also quite usefully doubles as a warm pillow (but the sloshing noises make you want go to the toilet).


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