Musings. On the road.

Long trips while on your tod can be odd.
No, that isn’t the start of a song. But getting the iPod hooked up to the radio via one of those transmitter units and cranking up some Blues and Rock gives a chance to listen and sing along. Littlefeat, The Blues Brothers, The Doors and a whole bunch more got a pretty good hearing.

The French autoroute was wide open and traffic light so the Transit is fairly flying along, doing about 85kph until the music gets me going and the speedo is heading for 100.
Phew, heady stuff when the limit is 130 and the quicker cars are fairly flying past, but big yellow and I were cruising to Pau. The toll charges for day 2 (from Amiens to a stop just short of La Rochelle, about half the journey) came in at around 100 Euro so the next day and onward was on the ‘Routes’ and included all the towns, roundabouts and more than a few tractors, but the views are sublime and magnificent. The Chateaux’ that are nearly tumbling down in the most obscure spots is surprising, but also tranquil and a little bit ‘so this is time and age taking its toll’.20150518_112907Then there are the slightly ridiculous associations you make with names.
Apparently “This one is for you Eddie”.
Dunno how they come to know you but maybe they got a better roofing price elsewhere

Then, while still in France but now close to the Basque country, a two horse town?
20150520_110907 ?? Bull fighting poster ?? Better stop and have a look.
20150520_111338 Well, I’ll be buggered.20150520_111041Man, when you get in there with a stroppy bull, you best be quick on your toes. While there are quite a few places to hide, the bull is never going to be far away. Maybe it is where schoolchildren get to do steer fighting? As a curriculum item?

Eh, Jean-Paul! Get in zere you puzzy, Stand up to heem! Oui, give heem ze stick.
No son,… no running avay vrom ze bull.
Makes extra spongy stuff under the swings and slides at school look a bit soft.
Maybe they still have lots of male teachers down there and the women don’t get to decide.

Onward ho and more sublime countryside.20150525_094657 and then I was in Pau.
Turned the music down and drove sensibly. Yadda yadda, yadda.
Beautiful town and will have to go back for another crack at the track.
Unless thats just yac, and Ollie loses his knack. Put that to a blues song and I’m a millionaire!

Last long look at the lovely straight going up the hill at Pau, That they took so much trouble to build it like this, when I suppose someone could have just cut the road further back at the top.20150521_110102
By the way, this pic is from halfway up the hill. There is as much again behind me.
Onward ho, Off to Spain for a few days. More of the ‘routes’ instead of the Toll roads. See what we shall see.


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