Thought for a while about the title, but after being there, just “Pau” says it all.

Beautiful town. The ‘Couer de Ville’ is mostly pedestrian and just magical. The girls will have to come next time (and we’ll get a hotel room, I promise).

The track is outstanding. If you are afraid of kerbs (or the associated armco and rock walls which could hurt every bone in your body), just pretend they are white lines on the track that you have to stay within. LOL.

This is the first place I’ve raced where I swear, the track talks to you, invites you to; “go faster, take another gear”.
But then the corner tightens or ends, or goes off camber, or adds a dip and/or a hump.
Anyhow, I could yap away but I won’t. Just go there and enjoy;……

Let me know what you think.

Try counting the turns, or just monitor them after the 2nd uphill hairpin, the real tight one (turn 4) and see what I mean.


Cheers and ciao


2 thoughts on “Pau.

  1. Hahaha. Surely there is. All they’d need to do is build attractive buildings, plazas, bars and restaurants, populate it with nice, attractive and interesting people with taste for clothing, food, buildings and architecture, put a major landscaped hill with woods and parks in, repeat all that about 6 times, and then give it a crack. Or, we could just do the race through Mt Eden,, up and down the mountain and back through Epsom into the village again, but do about 16 or 17 laps for Juniors, Historic GP cars pre 1965, FF1600s, Under 1300cc saloons and Masters F1 cars 66 – 75.
    Mate, I’d be in to that like a whotsit into who-flung.


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