Funny old day. Cool and sunny, yadda, yadda yadda.
WGAS (who gives a …..)

Called Peter Emery Saturday morning and checked how he was.
Thought he may have been a bit burned out from all the excitement on Thursday.

Rather, he was still abuzz about seeing the car.
It brought back memories and recollections of that long ago time.
He was thinking that he was still rather disappointed that he never raced the Elfin Mk1.
“I just tested it on an airfield to make sure it was OK and then we sent it. Later, I raced the Mk2 but it didn’t feel as good as the Mk 1. The Ford engine might have been a bit too powerful or maybe,……………”

Jeanne: “I had forgotten how pretty I’d thought the car had been all those years ago, and it still is”.

In any event, I too have a warm and fuzzy glow and I’ll treasure the day I took the car to Tywardreath.
This is my shortest blog, but, you can fill in a few spaces for yourself if you can get into David Emery’s dropbox page. I expect you’ll have to register on dropbox to get in. If you can’t let me know and I’ll download and post a few on mine.   (you may need to cut and paste it into a browser)


Very happy faces, Peters and mine.

Then it was off to the Cotswolds. Cuppa tea and a biscuit with the Mazzones became a riot with Norman and Gina (65 years in the UK and Gina is still like the Italian aunt with only half the English. She is SUCH a sweetie).

More news later.

Breaking news. The Elfin hit the news. The Cornish Express/Journal/Gazette ran the story and gave Peter front and centre. Beautiful day.


2 thoughts on “Reflection.

  1. Morning. Enjoy Pau. Look out for Pierre Tonetti as he flys by. New engine in his car after he destroyed his also new one in Germany a couple of weeks ago.
    Aurelia and Mikes Healy are only due in the UK about now. A bit close to the wind. Im due there Tues to leave for Roma Thurs.
    Keep us posted on Pau and good luck


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