Homage. Part 1. The odyssey

So there I was, warm and snug in beautiful Knutsford, guest of especially gracious hosts Sue and Robin Longdon.
We’d determined the malaise of the world in general, Britain and the Scottish Nationalists in particular, then decided the means to fix the world (only a beer and one nice bottle of red down) and it was about time for me to head from the warm, to the cool/cold place and proceed to the next stage of my “homage to the Wee Warrior”.

Off to Cornwall, home of the designer and builder of the Red Rocket, Peter Emery and his lovely wife Jeanne.
Knutsford to Tywardreath (pronounced “Tidrith”) with;
a stop at the Industrial Park engravers to collect the surprise,
another in Wolverhampton to collect the folding bike,
a sidestep to High Bullen in Devon to Alco Engineering for the ramp extensions (so I don’t need to be a missile launcher in a manned missile)
then on to St Austell (pronounced in Cornish as Sint Ostell).

My friend Tom Tom reckons about 6hrs 15 mins for the journey, for a 4pm arrival, but I don’t think he has reckoned on the yellow van, 115 hp and my attempts to ensure boxes of tools and kitchen implements of varying levels of destructive purpose do not attack the defenseless Wee Warrior. I reckon more like 6pm all going well.
Hit the button Mr Sulu. Warp factor anything you can give me Scottie!

  • Engravers: Good bloke. Lovely job. Decent price. Nice surprise.
  • Wolverhampton. Hmmm,.. joker has forgotten the ‘delivery charge’ refund. “Credit your paypal tomorrow”? Hahaha falling about larfing, … yeah right!. Cash baby. Cool, 15 quid thanks and we’re gone.
  • High Bullen, Devon. Simon at Alco Engineering is a good bloke. A VERY good bloke, and stumped up a few bolts, nuts and washers for my ramp extensions too, I thoroughly recommend these guys for anyone needing ramps or in van stuff like I’ve done. Good prices, good product, on time and right price.

The Somerset, Devon and Cornish countryside are just beautiful. It is truly lovely meandering down these gentle winding roads heading back to the motorway, scaring the bejeesus out of little Hyundai ‘snot’s as they arrive on the worng side of the road in corners.
Of course, the tourist on the other side of the valley taking his photo will now be saying;
Vat iz zat ‘orrible yellow zing ruining my pixture? #@))*!!

On down the road I go. There must be a song title in there.
Wish I had the iPod hooked up for a bit of Littlefeat road music and blues.

Suddenly, halfway between nowhere and not somewhere very much, I pass a posse of steers all gathered up
around this tree.  .20150506_163156
By the time I went up the road, turned ‘Big Yella” around and came back with the phone camera ready, they’d twigged something was up and this fellah, lets call him Lancelot, had sounded off a warning to the “Steers of the Round Table” to break up the committee. Not sure, but I reckon a breakout plan was on the cards. Or, maybe more likely, there is a pretty little heifer in the middle there.
I suppose, there IS a pole of sorts. Could be a hide dancer? They do it in the raw. Bit of mid afternoon entertainment for the lads?
(Bugger me if I’m lying tax dodgers, but when I came back past here the next day, they were in the exact same spot but a big black fellah was on guard. Gave me the evil eye so I moved right along).

Cut a long story short, got to my B&B at Tywardreath Highway at 17:30.
Tomorrow, the prodigal daughter/son returns home to a tearful father, who will slay the fatted calf, we’ll have a feast, do lots of drinking pints of real ale and dancing on the mount (or so the old story goes).

Till then dear reader……
Ollie out.

BTW, I am mostly out here on my tod, and the ‘talking to myself’ is starting to get on the tits of my alter ego who is the strong silent type (I guess you haven’t met him). So any of you buggers who can write are most welcome to add a wee missive of humour, comment, piss take or maybe just an acknowledgement I am not writing in an empty room.


2 thoughts on “Homage. Part 1. The odyssey

  1. Hi Olly,

    No, this is definitely not an empty room you are emailing to. Pepper is sitting on floor here, listening to every word I type. As you are enjoying the English “summer” weather, you should know we are suffering with 22 – 24 degree days and warm sunshine. Not Perth heat, but quite acceptable. Just been speaking to Robin Longdon who is getting me some AR alloy calipers for the Lotus 22. Very good of him as he has also found some close ratio gears for the Hewland. Hopefully the last pieces of the 22 jigsaw that is now coming together. Did you discover why the oil was pumping out of the gearbox at Donnington? Overfull? Although I’ve been to Donnington have not yet been on to the circuit. It sounds like a fun challenge. I presume you’ve not met Peter Emery yet. Must be due tomorrow – Saturday. David Cameron features large on our screens here at the moment. I was told that the reason voting is on Thursday in the UK is due to it being just before Friday payday when everyone gets pissed for 3 days. It is also as far away as possible from the unsettling influence of the Pastor’s Sunday sermon. Thought you should be armed with that knowledge. The countryside certainly looks a tad different from the outskirts of Barbagello. But it should do after 2000 years of civilisation & all that rain. Is the gearbox oil thing a worry? Time to take Pepper for a walk. Have a good weekend.


    Sent from my iPad



  2. Thanks Noel. Appreciate the thoughts.
    Funniest thing is, I am now in Bath staying with an old school friend and about to take the dog for a walk, spaniel / poodle cross by name of “Pepper”.
    You have to laugh.
    Oil leak is due to over-full I think. First race oil leak though was due to the breather fitting breaking off. Removed, swapped and stripped the gearbox I’d used in NZ. The oil level at 1.5l is too low and the side gears/axle blades were starving of oil when running. 3 litres is too high and probably floods the side gears and is ‘probably’ driven out through the CV boots. So, …. will try 2 litres measured for a mid point.
    Lack of brakes is due to “not sure what is wrong” but will sort that next week. Have ordered online some Anglia Super (that was the 1200cc model!) front shoes and will treat her to new wheel cylinders as well just because I am feeling very endeared to her today.
    New posts coming soon
    Cheers and ciao Noel.


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