At this time, what this United Kingdom requires (cue tones and gravitas of Winston Churchill)….

Is to bloody well warm up! This temp chart is rubbish. The sensors must be parked on top of a ventilation shaft at a hospital. My other one shows 3’C at 7am and the breeze is fresh.

Weather 300415

Have had lovely sunny days but the temperatures haven’t been getting too high. Must not complain though, as there has been no rain for the whole two weeks but for a burst of about 30 – 45 minutes yesterday.

However,…… the wind hasn’t let up and it feels like I am on a skiing holiday. Without the ski clothes! Ya gotta larf.

Last night was my first night in the van. Ta da!!
Was 3’C at bedtime, then got colder and was 3’C at 6am this morning.
Went to sleep after only minor bump on the head against the roof. Woke at 1am as cold as sin. Need an underlay on the mattress. Pulled a blanket from the top and put to the bottom. Helped, but still chilly and didn’t reach the feet.
Feet complained badly, so at 1:30am, found a towel to put down for them. Got to sleep until 2am when bladder complained about the cold and demanded to be let out (NOW). This may be amusing for you, but,……
….. sitting up in your undies and T shirt and pulling all those covers off, turning around in the bed (see photo) which requires me to be a gypsy contortionist, getting down to the floor without ripping any part of your person on the sharp pointy bits, finding your trousers in the dark, and then, finding which pocket the remote controls for the door locks are in, unlocking and getting out for a pee without ‘spillage’ turns into a somewhat dire experience.
And did I mention cold? Mary, Jesus and the saints.
Today I am off to get sheepskins, even if I have to jump into a field, kill and skin a couple of the bastards to crawl into the inside. Where is a ski shop in Cambridgeshire? A county as flat and without mountains as the midwest USA.
Will let you know how I get on!

Maaaaaaa! Watch out girls, Daaaaaaady is on the rampage.
20150420_192739……. and I know where you live.


2 thoughts on “At this time, what this United Kingdom requires (cue tones and gravitas of Winston Churchill)….

  1. MAAAATE!!! I really feeel for ewe. It’s cold in Auckland now too. 12 degrees tonight, but I’ve turned on the gas fire (not too difficult) the underfloor heating & the heat pump. So don’t think you’re the only one having to man up to the conditions. You will enjoy Donnington -an iconic British circuit. I have been twice and surprisingly it was cold & wet both times in the middle of their “summer”. But you’ll be OK coz it’s almost May. Great to hear of your fun? times. Give ’em hell. Remember the heat in Perth!


    1. Hiya Noel.
      With you being an Aussie in a previous life, I should say enough with the sheep jokes, but,………..
      the pretty ones with the soft wool better watch out today.
      I’ve had my chorizo and eggs, two mugs of lovely hot tea and I’m still cold.
      I’ll let you know how Donington goes. (Is that a song title?)


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