Missile in Red and Black.

OK, that could easily be a title for a Hotere or a MaCahon, but it isn’t.
The ‘Wee Warrior’ as “missile in red and black”.

20150418_075614This was just last Friday.

The Elfin is back together, gearbox swapped, all gears shifting including reverse, motor running sweetly, brake cylinders replaced, wheel bearing spacers skimmed, starter replaced and new adaptor cut and machined, new seat belts fitted, fire extinguisher serviced, leaking oil lines replaced, and,………
have checked that I can load it into the van.
With any luck, I’ll even be able to race it!
Note Bob Juggins who has been so generous with time, help and space, casting a fatherly eye over her.
20150423_160707And no, the bodywork was left off intentionally. A thing with the load angles.

Woo bloomin Hoo!!
It is a bit like loading a Nazi V1 bomber into the chute and then pressing the big red button.

Literally. Fecking liftoff. Woo Haaaaa.
Hit the ‘go’ and hold on as it is bloody steep and could probably easily get a dose of wheelspin to slip and slap sideways. Doors at the hinge point are about 2 – 3mm wider than the wheel width. Maybe just 1-2mm.
No. NOT cm’s, mm’s.
20150423_164852 Yep, Thats Ollies bed board on the left.
How salubrious is that? LMAO.
Suggest you go back to the post of Mrs Ollie’s musings to detemine degree of sanity prevailing in Mr Ollie’s mind.
Have to trim a wee scallop out for the rear shock tower and another for the LH mirror to clear the bed.
NOTE: room under Wee Warrior for the last minute guest(s). If it is at race meeting, I’ll (hopefully) have the side awning installed and then the car will be outside.
A bit harder to unload as it happens.
You really DO need to see it (the loading especially) live.
Bob was hoping I’d wear the crash helmet! A bit concerned I’d not only kark it on his watch, but also outside his workshop! What to tell the OSH inspector!!
Oh well, its late so over and out for tonight.
Be good to your wives, husbands and children.
Best to all from a very cheery and well chuffed Ollie.

3 thoughts on “Missile in Red and Black.

  1. “The Elfin is back together …”? The Northern Hemisphere must be getting to you Ollie – when did the Emeryson turn in to an Elfin? Have fun – can’t tell you how much I envy you!


    1. Hahaha. Well spotted Colin.
      The northern hemisphere is indeed getting to me.
      Having a wonderful time here. The people in the race fraternity are hugely welcoming and spectacularly helpful.
      Have had parts fabricated, fibreglass bodywork repaired, matched paint cans provided, and all within 2-4 days. Spectacular.

      The make is Emeryson Experimental, but the model is the Elfin
      Then the second Elfin was a Ford 1100 powered car, with 6 drum brakes (2 inboard and 2 outboard at the front) with a side mount radiator and is known as the Mk 11.

      With the ‘Elfin’ name taking largest letters and serial number FJ3, it was the cause of some consternation to an aged fellow who was looking at her at Eastern Creek a few years ago. He insisted HE (or a freind of his, I can’t remember exactly) had Elfin chassis number 3.


  2. Hi Tony, Don’t know why people are still questioning your sanity as we stopped doing this last year! Looks like you are having fun and on the countdown to Donnington. I’m sure you and the EE will open a few eyes once you work out which way the track goes.



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