One step forward,……………..

………. then a couple of steps back.  A bit like waltzing really. Just about to start putting the motor and box back in the hole and can’t find the adapter plate.for the starter. I drew up a schematic of what I needed then,…..  How the hell will I find a fabricator who can do this job for me, this week? Can hardly bowl up to Donington Historic a week from now and ask the scrutineers and grid marshall to “give us a push start mate?. I left my starter motor at home”. Walked around the corner of the industrial park and saw a Water Cutting” “H2O Profiling” sign.
Mr Tom looked at the sketch and out of the blue reckoned he’d pop one out for me by Thursday. Well bugger me till I’m blind if I’m lying tax dodgers, but this Tom Attewell is a GOOD man.
Back to the workshop and cracked out a fix to the rear wheel bearings, pulled a leaky rear wheel cylinder and found a supplier with stock on shelf at the first google search (for 30 spondoolies each). How many Morris Minors are left, that rear wheel brake cylinders are ‘on the shelf’ when you call.
Long and short, there are some bloody good blokes hidden in the wilds of this green and pleasant land, and it is a right good thing to find the buggers. I reckoned Ollie was on a roll. Managed to hang my bed board in he van today. Is going to be a bit like sleeping on a bookshelf. Mrs Ollie may have had a point. Probably not the best idea to tell her she was right (again). Just stay schtum Ollie. On the way back to the B&B, had to stop and take a pic. 20150420_192347 doesn’t this belong in a wicked witch story? Then suddenly the locals started giving me the eye 20150420_192739 Ewe,.. time for bed, or dinner?   ;-))


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