We’re getting there…

Arrived and collected the van on Monday 13th.
Big Yellow is a beauty! Just got to remember to make all corners wide and 90′.

The ramps had arrived, as had the grill, the mini fridge (12v, 240v and gas power options), the porta dunny (only gas powered }:>))    !). Got the ramps fitted Tuesday 14th and they are beauties. Pic to come.

The container and all three cars (mine, David Innes’ Lotus 27 and Vern Williamsons very pretty Lynx) arrived smack dab on the 10:00am appointment time Thursday, after the boat only docked Monday evening 23:00 hrs. An hour and a half later we’d emptied the container (3 cars and about 20 boxes/bags/bins) while it was still on the back of the truck at about 1.6-1.7m high. No side lifters here. Not bad though to save 600 quid (1250 spondoolies!) for “devanning” fees by the ‘professionals’.

Thought I’d do a g’box swap on the Emeryson after the workout she has had in Aussie and NZ since October. Got motor and box all out ok. The old gearbox looks decidedly sad and will get some serious work on the differential. Finding lots of small things that need attention before I head away to Donington then France and Italy so going to be busy for another week. Hopefully will have my bed and cooker installed in the van by then and be mobile.

David Innes organised an inspector to come and check the cars for HTP. Over here, you ‘book the application in, then pay the fees, then get the inspector who writes up the application while doing the checking of the car.
Nigel Edwards attended us and did a good job going over the requirements. All going well I’ll have an HTP in 3-4 weeks and will be valid for point scoring in the Lurani series events.

20150418_075657The lovely lineup at Absolute Race Engineering where I am being graciously hosted by Mr Bob Juggins and Marty Bullock Esq. My Emeryson, then the 2x Lotus 27s, then 2x Lola 360’s. All sex (when you are over 55 anyway). Only 2 weeks until Donington Hisotric where we have a big enough field that front and rear engine FJs run seperate races. Looks like a terrific meeting with stacks of interesting grids (and time to go watch them too). Ciao for now, Ollie


One thought on “We’re getting there…

  1. mate!
    that is massive big ups to you and sorry for not getting back to you earlier… bit crook after Shanghai… but hey I’m sure you will have an absolute blast… looking forward to the next posts


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