So, Mrs Ollie asked me,……….

Every evening, you are going to swap this view ………. DSC01220

for this?……………..  Van interior

And a bit of this,………..    06052012294
for a whole LOT of this?                                                                                      Driving seat

Really? Truly?  You are parking THIS,………   Orakei_Feb 2014
So that you can LIVE in THAT? ford-transit-115-t350_1

“He’s gone mental!”  she reckons.

Luckily, she also has the Power of Attorney, but now just needs two qualified medical practitioners to confirm my mental instability. Shouldn’t be hard.
Then she can take over all the money, sell the cars and stock up the wine cooler and cellar with 144 bottles of ‘Stolen Kiss’ (when the next vintage is released) to get through another year living the good life and just visit the mental maniac on days when the straightjacket is done up tight.

Larfing my arse off. It is a bit mental really.
But,…. the die has been cast.
The ‘Get your teeth into a small slice, the Cake of Liberty’ tour is ready for take off. 21:30hrs tonight (12th April) Ollie is away.


One thought on “So, Mrs Ollie asked me,……….

  1. well I dont think she’s wrong, but i’d be there in a heartbeat aswell, nice to see she’s tasteful enough not to show what your really missing, ha


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