The button has been pressed,…………

Ollie has pushed the button and pulled the pin.   Europe 2015 is a go.
The yellowest van has been sourced,….
…… along with a portable dunny, solar shower (hope the sun shines!), BBQ grill and a cooler box for beer and milk.
You’d reckon that’d pretty much cover things.
How hard can 20 weeks, racing a 55 year old single seat FJ race car in Europe be?

Plan so far;
Donington Historic Festival, May 2/3
Pau Historic, France. May 22-24.
Monza Coppa, Italy. June 20/21st.
Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire, June 27/28. Historic Sports Car Club
Brands Hatch SuperPrix, Kent. July 10-12th
Silverstone Classic, 24-26th July.
Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix,  Denmark 1/2nd Aug.
Croft Nostalgia Festival. North Yorkshire. 8/9 Aug.
Mallory Park, 22nd Aug. Leicestershire  FJHRA/VSCC
Oulton Park, Cheshire. 29-31st Aug.

Hopefully not too ambitious, but what the hell.

Keep an eye out for updates and pics of the cars, people and places (that might make you get up and boogy when the time is right).
Time to start packing. 2 suitcases only (and replacement starter motor has pride of place, but I may also need a Tuxedo!)

Cheers and ciao


2 thoughts on “The button has been pressed,…………

  1. Woohoo!
    I might even be able to catch you at a couple of the races while I’m in the UK 😃🚕🚜🇬🇧🇮🇹🇫🇷


  2. Mate, you could always go AWOL. Live dangerously. Or, just be young again.
    Room in the van for a stowaway; France, Spain, the Basque country. Provence in springtime. Cannes for the Festival. Monza for June. The days just fly away!
    Then Saya can come and get the tired, worn out bag thats left, resusitate it, and take it home.
    ;>)) Cheers man and thanks for the thought. Be good if you can make it.


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